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About Us

Baker Nursery was founded in 1957 by Harry Baker. He began selling plants as a side business to his work as a caretaker at Riverside Cemetery. Baker Nursery was first located on University Drive and 19th Avenue. Today it is the site of Sanford Hospital. The building was a temporary garage when Harry started the business. The plants were watered with a hose running from the neighbor’s home, and it was only open during the summer.

Harry saw the need for more space and headed south outside the city limit on Highway 81 (now University Drive) to establish the nursery at its present site in 1959. Eventually the city expanded south and now Fargo surrounds the nursery. In 1967, Harry’s son, Ken became involved in the family business and it blossomed into a successful nursery. Ken’s son, Eric, joined the nursery in 1992 with a degree in horticulture, and is now the owner of the business.History

The family business grew from the first established greenhouse to four. Decades later sales were flourishing and a retail store front was added in 2004, giving the nursery a whole new look and name, Baker Garden and Gift. Today, Eric carries on the tradition of professional service started by his grandfather and continued by his father. Baker Garden and Gift offers Fargo-Moorhead the best selection of plants and service. While conventional garden flowers still reign, the number of unique plants is rapidly expanding and Eric is always implementing new and innovative ideas for you to enjoy.

Open year-round, you will find everything you need for your garden at Baker Garden and Gift. Nearly all of the annual flowers sold are grown at Baker, and the retail gift shop has unique items for you to enjoy in your home and garden.

Baker Garden and Gift has established a reputation for stellar customer service. Many of the staff have degrees in horticulture or are Master Gardeners and are able to expertly answer your questions about all of your garden concerns.